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Varian Type
Product Specifications
  • Condition: Baru
  • Weight: 500 Gram
  • Category : SOLID TOOLS
  • Etalase : Hardware
Product Description

Endmills for pre-hardened and hardened steel(HRc52~70)

1. Good wear resistance by high quality Si-based PVD coating.

2. High precise edge tolerance.

3. Designed for minimizing edge chipping by corner R shape.

4. Various corner R and overall length for wide range application.

5. Outstanding performance at high speed machining by ultra fine (0.2 micron) WC grade.

Available type and dimension

1. 4JJC100

  • 4JJC100010100 10*R1*22*100L*S10*4F*JJ
  • 4JJC100010070 10*R1*19*70L*S10*4F*JJ